Glowlab: Laboratorio Urbano en N.Y.

Entrada Múltiple:
Glowlab es un portal hacia la exploración urbana contemporánea. Los recorridos, intervenciones y derivas aqui convocadas tienen un particular sentido lúdico, creativo y crítico. En general es un acceso de lujo a asuntos de nomadología urbana y en particular destacan aqui una aplicación de recientes tecnologías al graffiti. Por favor ver estos dos videos:
Graffiti Research Labs;
LED Throwies I
LED Throwies II

"...Glowlab is an artist-run production and publishing lab engaging urban public space as the medium for contemporary art and technology projects. We track emerging approaches to psychogeography, the exploration of the physical and psychological landscape of cities. Our annual Conflux festival, exhibitions, events and our bi-monthly web-based magazine support a network of artists, researchers and technologists around the world..."

LED Throwies
The Graffiti Research Lab, a division of the Eyebeam OpenLab, is dedicated to outfitting graffiti writers and artist with open source technology for urban communication. Our goal is to enable parity between advertisers and individuals in the business of getting attention and expressing a perspective. G.R.L. agents are working in the lab and the field to develop hybrid graffiti technologies that combine traditional graf tools and techniques with contemporary materials research and embedded electronics. Each project or campaign is documented in the form of a video, images and a How-to page on Instructables dot com Graffiti campaigns and field tests have occurred throughout New York City, most recently on "The Cube" at St. Marks/Astor Place, where G.R.L. agents wrote "FREE BORF" and tossed over 425 throwies.

Such ensembles often include rattles and an iron bell, which is struck with a stick to produce a repeated pattern called a timeline. This pattern penetrates the dense texture of the ensemble and helps the drummers to play their patterns at the correct time. Visit http://african-music.michaelbruce.net/endurance-of-african-music-in-the-americas.html
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