Socialfiction.org is a long-term research project that seeks to develop speculative knowledge that subverts ordinary ways to employ, experience and measure space, time and language.

The day to day reality of socialfiction.org is filled with projects. For most of them we encourage participation by persons known and unknown. Some of our projects are like whales, most are like plankton: the small ones feed the large ones.

Here are our whales:

Generative Psychogeography

Unlike what most people think psychogeography is really very simple: the moment you first step into a room you immediately, without conscious effort, have a heartfelt opinion about it. Psychogeography is the study of the 'stuff' that causes this mental reaction and the psychological and behavioural effects that are evoked by it.

Moving away from the automatism of surrealism and situationism, we used generative algorithms for our drifts in search for the psychogeographic. That is to say:

first left
second right
second left

or instructions to that effect. Perhaps to your surprise this actually works in generating strange unconventional routes and it is fun too. The next step was to open source these algorithms by calling for a "Hot Summer of Generative Psychogeography 2002", inviting, with success, people to try it for themselves with their own friends and share their ideas with the likeminded.


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