Sandy Stone, Performance e Interactividad

Sandy Stone

Una de las pioneras en la investigación de la identidad en los ambientes virtuales dirige el ACTLAB en la Universidad de Texas, Austin.

Think of it as New Media production. But that's just a phrase, and not even a good one. Occasionally there are naming races among people who do similar things, and a gazillion names are springing up -- digital media, digital arts, intermedia, transmedia, convergent media, transvergent media, etc., etc. -- since the people who began this stuff (maybe I'm one of them, depending on who's counting) started doing it in the early XXth Century. You can call it whatever you want. For me it means doing new things with old (and new) tools.We use a lot of digital stuff, but I'm not head over heels in love with the catchword "digital", except as digital equipment enables new forms of creativity. Digital is lovely and highly seductive, like tulips in the 1600s. Creativity, on the other hand, is unruly by nature and unsettling while in progress. My focus is primarily on creativity and secondarily on technology, on circuit bending rather than using prepackaged devices, on ripping up technology, reassembling it in unfamiliar forms, and making it do unexpected things.

My research and scholarly interests
Primary areas of interest include:
New Media production, video production, performance, installation, gender and sexuality with emphasis on Transgender, and fantasy/science fiction. All my current work involves making stuff, though inevitably the stuff is theory-laden.

Secondary areas of interest include:
body, desire, technological prosthetics, performance and performance theory, phenomenology of interface and interactionvirtual systems, gender and sexuality, transgender studies, nonpredicate communication, the complex interplay of science fiction and fictions of science, and the traffic in the boundaries between art and technology

Sandy Stone
Allucquere Rosanne (Sandy) Stone's onlinesite for drive-by theory, performative-fu, New Media, and radical decontextualization

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