Projects for Public Spaces

Agnes Denes: Projects for Public Spaces

October 16, 2003 - January 4, 2004

Denes is perhaps best known for Wheatfield—A Confrontation, 1982, a four-month project on the future home of the World Trade Center. At the time of the project, the Battery Park site was worth 4.5 billion dollars. In 1982, Denes negotiated temporary rights to the two-acre area in lower Manhattan and transformed it into productive cropland. The site was cleared, planted, tended and then harvested. The ever changing natural site was an anomaly in the context of a crowded metropolis.

“All of my work up to now culminates in my environmental art and installations. From the early poetry to the philosophical drawings, from the abandonment of painting to working without color for eleven years – this complex body of work is the most rewarding.”

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